Simply Mailed: Dinner Solutions by The Seasoned Mom 

Are you overwhelmed and exhausted at the end of the day, with no energy left to plan dinner for your family? 

Are you adjusting to cooking for just one or two people and could use a little motivation?

Are you working hard to teach your children healthy eating habits and squeeze a few more fruits and vegetables into their diets?

Are you stuck in a rut and tired of eating the same few meals every week? 

Are you looking for nutritious, inexpensive, and family-friendly recipes that come together quickly? Are you having trouble planning dinners that serve just one or two people? Or are you struggling to organize a week’s worth of meals to feed a larger family? 

Are you trying to save money on your groceries?

 Then you have come to the right place! 

Just imagine if you could...

Open your inbox each week to find a new meal plan and shopping list perfectly suited to your family size and lifestyle – without any thought, stress, or effort on your part. 

Prep dinner each night in just 10 or 15 minutes!

Quickly and easily serve your family new, well-balanced dinners that get you out of the mealtime rut. 

Save money on your groceries every time you shop by using an organized list and avoiding unnecessary purchases. 

Bring your family together around the table at the end of the day, nourish their bodies with wholesome food, enjoy each other’s company, and eliminate battles with picky eaters. 

This is all possible, and Simply Mailed can do the work for you! 

With weekly meal plans and shopping lists sent straight to your inbox, this membership will completely change the way that you feed your family. You will not have to spend your valuable time planning and organizing your dinners each week. You will no longer waste your energy searching for recipes, or throw your money away on unnecessary grocery items. With a variety of easy, quick-prep recipes and related shopping lists sent to you each week, family dinners will become a simple, enjoyable, and delicious time that you look forward to at the end of the day. Let us do the hard work so that you don’t have to! 

What Subscribers are Saying...

"Blair, I just wanted to give you a quick shout and say how much we have been enjoying this program! We have all been loving the recipes (especially the 2 2-year-olds who crushed some quinoa chili tonight), we're eating more meals together, and we're even saving money on groceries. Thank you!! -- Emily Poe Boyer

"I just love your recipes and my family does too! Thank you for making dinnertime easy and delicious!" -- Kingsley Williams

"I am a Canadian diplomat who enjoyed making several of your recipes over the past year while at home in Ottawa, Canada. This summer, my family and I moved to Ankara in Turkey and your Simply Mailed meal plans have been making my life easier as a working mom." -- Valerie Sorel

"Hi Blair! Just wanted to say that as a new subscriber my wife and I are really enjoying the recipes. You rock!" -- Jason Buchholz

"Cooking for Two" Simply Mailed Subscriptions

The “Cooking for Two” Simply Mailed Subscription: Each week you will receive 3 new dinner recipes perfectly portioned for just two people, along with the related grocery shopping list.

"Cooking for a Family" Simply Mailed Subscriptions

The “Cooking for a Family” Simply Mailed Subscription: Each week you will receive 3 new dinner recipes perfectly portioned for a family of 4-6, along with the related grocery shopping list.

Simply Mailed Subscription Gift Card

Gift Cards! Do you know a new mom who can use some help with getting dinner on the table each night? Do you know a new bride who is learning to cook for the first time? A busy mom? A college student? A grandparent who is tired of planning meals? A Simply Mailed subscription gift card is a wonderful gift to share with friends and family! For the holidays, for baby showers, for bridal showers, and for birthdays, you can give the gift of organized shopping lists and simple, wholesome, homemade dinners – week after week! Choose from the available gift card subscriptions below:

Please note: Purchaser will receive gift card via email and can use as needed or forward on to their friend or family! Recipient will have an opportunity to use the gift card to purchase any of the Simply Mailed products or services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase a subscription as a gift for a friend or family member? Yes! Directly above these FAQs, you will see our gift card options. Feel free to select a Simply Mailed subscription of your choice and an email will be sent with all the information to your recipient! This is a great way to spoil Mom for the holidays or to treat a new mom to some help in the kitchen as she adjusts to life with a new baby!

How many recipes are included each week? Your weekly meal plan and shopping list will include three different dinner recipes, as well as suggestions for side dishes. That gives you some flexibility in your schedule and allows you the opportunity to enjoy dining out, pizza and a movie, or any of your family’s other favorite dinners!

When will I receive my meal plan? The weekly meal plans and shopping lists are emailed every Monday morning. 

How do I know if Simply Mailed is right for me? This service is perfect for empty-nesters and singles who struggle with preparing meals for just one or two people. It’s also ideal for busy parents who want to get simple, wholesome recipes on the table fast, without spending hours on planning and shopping. The service is a nice way to get out of a cooking rut and to expose your family to new meals. If you’re looking to save money on groceries and avoid food waste, Simply Mailed is also a great solution! 

Who should NOT purchase a Simply Mailed subscription? While the variety of recipes and numerous substitutions are designed to accommodate many different diets and preferences, Simply Mailed is not a substitute for medical advice. If you or a family member require a strict diet or struggle with severe food allergies, this service may not be a good fit.

What types of recipes are included in the Weekly Meal Plans? The recipes in the meal plans are very similar to the recipes that you will find on my blog, The Seasoned Mom. The food is always quick-prep and family-friendly. Recipes will use easy-to-find and affordable ingredients. I also aim to include a variety of cuisines, so you might find an Asian stir-fry one week and a Mexican casserole the next. I was raised on Southern home cooking, so there will be plenty of that as well – but usually with a fresh twist! 

My family members have special dietary concerns. Will you customize our Weekly Meal Plans to suit our individual needs? Yes and no. While I cannot create a separate meal plan for each individual customer, I will always do my best to suggest simple substitutions. There are usually ways to modify a recipe to make it low-carb, vegetarian, or to use different types of meat. It’s always nice when you can prepare one dish, but modify it to meet your family’s needs. None of us have time to make separate dinners for everyone at the table each night! 

What is your Refund Policy? Can I cancel my Simply Mailed subscription? You can see our full Refund and Cancellation Policy HERE.  

Meet Blair

After bringing home my third baby boy in less than four years, my world felt as though it had been turned upside down. I was an Ivy-league educated attorney, but I was overwhelmed by the responsibilities in front of me and unsure of how to manage my new home life.

With piles of laundry to fold, fussy babies to comfort, and a job to perform, just getting dinner on the table each night seemed like an insurmountable task.The stress of trying to live up to my own high expectations as both a parent and a professional left me exhausted, and ultimately landed me in an ambulance with a health scare that was truly a wake-up call!

I needed to simplify my life and bring order to our chaos — starting with mealtime. I developed simple strategies in the kitchen to create easy weeknight dinners that all of my kids would actually eat. These quick-prep meal solutions accommodate our busy lifestyle and have united our family around the table!